Margaret Mitchell

(9 June 1824 - 13 January 1911)
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     Margaret Mitchell was born on 9 Jun 1824 in Stevenson, Ayrshire, Scotland.1 She was a Baptist when she first married in Nova Scotia, though she converted to the Mormon Church soon after.2 She married first Matthew Stubbart, son of John Stubbart Sr. and Anne Oram, before 1844 in Nova Scotia, Canada.3 She and Matthew Stubbart immigrated to Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, in Aug 1844 and settled in Pittsville, Pennsylvania.4 John, Mary, David, and Ellen were born here.. Here Matthew also met the young Mormon missionary who would capture her attention, her faith, and eventually her heart. John Blythe converted Margaret to the new faith and she was baptised, though her husband still held back. Whether her belief fed her infatuation or vice-versa is impossible to know, but either way she found Blythe impossible to forget even after he left town.2 She and Matthew Stubbart relocated to Alton, Illinois, in 1852 or 1853 where Margaret's brothers Robert Mitchell and James Mitchel had purchased a coal mine. Matthew worked the mine with his brothers-in-law for a time.2 17 Mar 1854 another son, James Mitchel, was born to the couple. Two months after James's birth, Margaret Mitchell and Matthew Stubbart joined a wagon train to California with Margaret's brothers.5 Almost immediately after their arrival Margaret came across John Blythe again, and a full-fledged love triangle ensued. Family legend has it that Margaret actually plotted to have Matthew killed so she could run away with the children. Whether or not events were quite so dramatic, there was certainly a divorce, and the court awarded Matthew custody of the couple's five children, including their six-month-old baby (certainly unusual enough to raise eyebrows and lend some credence to the stories).6,2 She and Matthew Stubbart were divorced in Sep 1854 or Oct 1854 in California Matthew apparently remained on good terms with Margaret's brothers and remained in California for a while.5 She moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1859 with her new husband.7 She married second John L. Blythe in 1859. Margaret Mitchell and John L. Blythe had two children, Elizabeth and John, and adopted a boy named Daniel. When her son James, now an RLDS missionary, was posted to the area in about 1902, he found her "quite well provided for financially; she was living in a good brick house on a three hundred and twenty acre ranch. She owned other tracts of land also--about thirteen hundred acres in all--with water shares for irrigation purposes. She had also given him and his two older sons one hundred and sixty acres of land near Sandy."8 The diaries abstracted by his daughter Pearl paint Margaret's position in a slightly less rosy light. "Much of the land was well irrigated and had been farmed, but much of it had gone back to desert for lack of proper care." There were about 100 acres of alfalfa, but excess salt was killing it out in places.9 She was ill with bronchitis in early Jan 1911. She remained ill at her home for three days before she checked in or was moved to Groves Hospital in Salt Lake City, where she spent her last four days before succumbing to her illness.1 Margaret died in Groves Hospital, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, on 13 Jan 1911 at 86 of acute bronchitis.1 She was buried in City Cemetery two days later.1

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Children of Margaret Mitchell and Matthew Stubbart

Children of Margaret Mitchell and John L. Blythe


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