May A. Brown

(30 August 1862 - 30 April 1912)
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     May A. Brown was born on 30 Aug 1862 in Duran, Pepin County, Wisconsin.2,3 She moved with her parents, or possibly just her mother, to Butler County, Nebraska, in 1875. Nothing is known about her father's fate, and he is not mentioned further in family records located to date, though her mother is described as a widow in one diary.4,5 On 29 Sep 1875, May's mother Louisa married Matthew Stubbart, a widower whose eleven children included James Mitchel Stubbart.6,4 Despite the age difference, not to mention James's frequent absences for college and prospecting adventures, a romance blossomed. She married James Mitchel Stubbart, son of Matthew Stubbart and Margaret Mitchell, on 9 Nov 1879 in Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa.7,2
     In 1885 May A. Brown and James Mitchel Stubbart relocated to what would eventually become Octavia in Butler County, Nebraska.8 She was included in a group photo taken say 1886. James and May are pictured with two young girls, presumably Effie Louisa and Pearl May. She and James Mitchel Stubbart moved to Lamoni, Decatur County, Iowa, in 1899.9
     In 1900, James began the missionary work that would keep him away from the family home most of the time. The church provided a scanty allowance of $35 per month to support May and their five children. James later remarked that "she kept the home and paid for it out of this meager income without a murmur. We counciled together about our needs in ways of allowance and she was always willing to put it as low as possible and help the church by doing all she could. She had no desire to take a dollar from the church that was not really necessary."10 She was included in a group photo taken circa 1902. By 1910, James and May were living in Malvern, Mills County, Iowa.11 May A. died in Lamoni, Decatur County, Iowa, on 30 Apr 1912 at 49 of a stomach tumor12 after several years of illness.10,2,13,14 About their marriage, James later said, "'May and I ... lived happily together for 33 years. While my mission work required a good portion of my time, all through those years she never complained. ... Many times when I left home she shed tears at the parting but I never heard her complain."10 She was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Lamoni, Decatur County, Iowa.5

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Children of May A. Brown and James Mitchel Stubbart


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