Stubbart Overview

Descendents of Mathew of Nova Scotia » PA » IL/NE/IA

I never had the good fortune to know my Stubbart ancestors, but those of my family who did were universally impressed by them. Their stories leave an impression of patience, intelligence, and quiet dedication.

My Stubbart ancestry begins with Mathew Stubbart and Esther Macrada of Nova Scotia, married in 1795. I know little about them, but their grandson Matthew left the small community of Sydney Mines in 1844 for a new life in Pennsylvania, and began a saga that spanned the width of the continent and back again. Over the next 50 years, Matthew took three wives and any job he could get, creating a rich and varied family tree, which I have done my best to explore here.

The Stubbarts can be found largely on the American frontier, though the family's roots begin in Nova Scotia and before that the British Isles.

This site also includes the sketchy beginnings of my research into the Hollaman family, ancestors of my grandfather Thomas Jefferson Hollaman. The information provided barely qualifies as evidence, but it is a start, and further research is planned over the next few years.

I have benefitted from the research of many other Stubbart relatives, including Mary Dixon, Bob Bixby, and others. The Stubbarts intermarried not only with my Morford ancestors (my other maternal line), but also with my paternal Spillman line. I am extremely grateful for all the help and information I have received through many cousins on all three lines.

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